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Drama Competiton LBPP-LIA CV4-1

November 21, 2010 Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

LBPP LIA helded a drama competition from various classes. There are several kinds of classes: intermediate, high intermediate, and convertation classes. And we came from 4-1 convertation class (CV 4-1) follow this competition with the title Lutung Kasarung.
Ucok as monkey Kasarung
Rahmat as Purbalarag
Lily as Purbasari
Kak Fatir as father and Purbasari purbalarang
Nike as a witch
Maulana as husband Purbalarang
kak Dali as a puppeteer
Me and mb Marsita as a makeup artist and documentation ahhaahhaah
and hopefully we'll won , because we always practice, making property, and super Tired
by following this drama, can enhance togetherness, unity, friendship, intimate, cohesiveness, and I am very happy to got friends like them, they  are seems like my brothers and sisters, and also Miss Asri our beloved teacher who always providing support and encouragement.


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