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January 15, 2011 Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

as before, we must have a resolution for 2011.actually i had long wanted to write about this topic, but now I get a chance, what are your resolutions for this year 2011? this is my resolution and hope my dream come true for this year
  1. GPA plus plus, Semester smoothly, Duty steel finish, smooth Lecture
  2. Maintain my GPA 3, _ _ hopefully fixed 3!
  3. Sustenance of God increased, in any embarked in
  4.  Healthy, for both my parents for staying healthy, mama papa,  my sister's, hopefully we're all healthy
  5. For romance, I hope we are always together
  6. Graduated from the LBPP LIA, the level of conversation ASAP!
  7. Reduce eating unhealthy foods
  8. My business is running smoothly and increase
  9. Diligent and remain always remember Allah and pray five times
and many more resolutions for this year but the important thing is, I can realize my dream:) aminn

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