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February 27, 2011 Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

well. I have one question for you
"What is your name"?
then I'll answer: My name is Oktiara Dwindah
After That...
" What is your nickname ? "
then i'll confused to answer that questions!
why ?

Everypeople has their own nickname, and my friends freely to mentions my name.But every friends called me with different nickname too

For example :

Mom,Daddy and my old sister called me : Adek
My young sister called me : Kak Yayang
All of my big family called me : Tia
and my " pembantu " ( i don't know how to say that in English ) : Tia
My teachers in Lia called me : Okti
My friends in Lia called me: Oktir or Okti
My friends when i was in Senior high school called me : Yayak
My friends when i was in Junior high school called me : Adek
My boyfriend and his family called me : Tir
and the most funniest  is my friends in my campus called me : Ticil !
Are you kidding me ? LOL
Ticil means " Tiara kecil " isn't ? LOL
then i can't stop to laugh

I would prefer with " Yayak and Tia " then Ticil or whatever. Hahahaha 
well, whatever my nickname is
whatever people call me with

I really appreciate and happy because my friend is so funny and packed :D
thank you very much my friends, my familys,my boyfriends etc
may we always be
together :)

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