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My presentation CV-5 LBPP LIA

May 15, 2011 Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

Hi guys how are you today?  How was your day? How was yourweekend? Actually was bored with all my responsibilities. Does not feel now I almost graduated from LBPP LIA Palembang. I have been studying in LBPP LIA Palembang almost 6 years. Started from when i was first grade in Senior high school number 3 Palembang. Well as  a student in LBPP LIA, we must present our presentations. But unfortunately my first slide and also my last slide when i was in SHS  lost ! So that, i could show you my new slide from my First presentations in different level. Convertation 2 until 6 are my level. And i wanna show you my slide when i present my presentations when i was in Convertation 5. Here there are. The benefits of being a Blogger. Well the reason why i choose this topic because blogger very interesting for me and i wanna inform you if there are so many benefits of being a blogger. What are the benefits of being a blogger? Here there are the answers based on my though.
The benefits of being a Blogger

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