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Welcome July

July 04, 2011 Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

Hup Hup Horeii Welcome July, Alhmdulillah UAS ( Ujian Akhir Semester ) finished, now its time to waiting for the result, and alhamdulilah ( emberrassed ) From 24 Credits is 13 credits that arise, and Alhamdulialh ( emberrassed ) i got a good score i got A for 7 credits and i got B for 6 credits. Good news :) But i'v to waiting for 11 credits left. Well all of my firends having holiday while i'm not, huu. Just stay at home, swimming with my sisters, shopping, crambath, dinner, karaoke with friends and family. Yippiiee my mini holiday began ! hehe :p. Well guys sunddenly someone makes my mood drop, because in early morning when i woke up, i recived a message from someone. I hate te ways he angry, the way he wrote the message, it was so hurted and i'm really dissaponted having a ** like him ! What should i do God? Should i find someone new? ! i'm give up with all problems which come from him ! i'v been looking forward for a long time , uh x(. I need someone who care with me, really love me and the most important is he was not rude ! I hate the rude man !

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