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Dream, believe and make it happen !!!

September 18, 2011 Oktiara dwindah 2 Comments

What happened with me? Why did i put that words as my tittle ? Yes Scholarship ! That's the answers. Actually i'v been dreaming about "studying abroad" since when i was in senior high school, grade two. At the time, i was dreaming to continue my s1 in Singapore with my friend, she is Kiki, but i don't know why, she canceled our agreements. That's why now i'm still studying in Unsri, the majored is civil engineering and now i'm semester 7th. Furthermore, now i'm on my way to reach my dreams, my future goals to studying abroad and get scholarship absolutely by my self. Yes, i'v been searching for any informations about scholarship, though it's too long to graduate! I asked my lecture who already got scholarship in UK and i asked my friend ( Red ; my facebook friend :p ) he is Kalvin Gunawan, he got scholarship to Univ. columbia UK. So WOWED and amazingg !!!!!!!!!!!! Can i do the same as they did ??? Now, i'm still dreaming and focus to toefl preparation first, and still focus to make a reports. I promise to you god, i'll study hard, pray, and also hope for the best ! So please God, give me convenience, ur way, ur help and please ( from the bottom of my heart ) Make it true !!! Aminnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

A dream is just a dream, A goal is a dream with plan and deadline !! - Cakeko74

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  1. amien. semangat kak ! aku juga pengin banget cari scholarship ke luar..sempat down waktu gagal di interview exchange student. Tapi mimpi untuk ke sana masih terus hidup di sini. semangat ya :))