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November 18, 2011 Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

Yuhuuu finally the day is coming closer and closer, and the biggest even in Asia tenggara is coming ! Yappp, seagames !!! So wowed and very enthusiastic ! I'll do some review / report about opening ceremony it self, about the struggle to get the tickets, etc.. Hehe btw, i present this blog special for those who already requested. He is @diptanggara. He was couldn't see the ceremony it self, he is "Mupeng" when he saw my photos, that's why he really want me, and begging me hahhaha and request to make a review about opening ceremony. Well, i Watched opening ceremony of seagames 26th 2011 at Jakabaring Sport City Palembang. Awesome and spectacular !!! Anyway this is my first time of my life watched the spectacular stage / perform / dance / light / musical show / fireworks / the singer / announcerr. So wowed and it was awesome ! But there were disadvantages, such as very difficult to parking a cars, crowded,  x( . It seems that the committe was not ready to face this even. Taken for example, the ways we bought a tickets. Really not prefessional, whereas this is international even.  Afterthat for pra opening ceremony began at 3PM, there were a chorus, dancer and indra bekti dan nirina zubir as the announcer And afterthat at 7 PM the formal ceremony begans. You may see the videos below.. Honestly, very surprised and spechless when i saw this show. I'v never seen the most spectacular even just like opening ceremony seagames in Palembang. From fireworks, the LED, dancers, etc !!! Even there were some deficiency but i am proud to be a part of this even. Hopefully Indonesia may be overall winner. Amen ! Good night bloggers :D

Pra opening ceremony ( off air )

My little sister (dinda) who became a part of this even. She's dancing as a water

I do Love fireworks :D

 At aquatic Jakabaring, IND man got gold !

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