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Bogota and their transportation system

April 13, 2012 Oktiara dwindah 1 Comments

Haloo guys ! It's been long time i didn't post anything on my blog. Well, i have been very busy for a couple of this month because i have to make a paper (report) or my final report to get bachelor. I supposed to make it done before june, because insyallah on September i will graduate yipieee !!! So i decided to take "transportation" as the topic of my paper, and my advisor gave me a topic which talk about " Permodelan Bangkitan Pergerakan pada SMP Negeri Di Kota Palembang" sounds scary ? :/
Well, anyway I'v read an article about transportation in developing countries such a Bogota Brazil. Bogota, Curitiba the provincial capital of Parana South Brazil. Their mayor is Enrique Penalosa make a breakthrough for transporation system in Bogota. For example transmilenio (Bus Rapid Transit)which well-organized and disciplined and also you'll travel almost three times the speed of the typical New York City bus. The average TransMilenio vehicle travels at 17.4 mph, also system will offer many of the excellent features that we saw in Bogotá; features like physically-separated bus lanes, pre-boarding fare payment, wide doors that open at boarding level and a control room nerve center that monitors and manages the entire system, bike lanes, pedestrian pathways, the green belt, leafy, car free day 120 km every feast day such as Christmas etc. At the first time, all people refused this rules, but because of all system went well every single people felt so comfort and joy. 
Car free day 120 KM and restrictions on private cars at peak hours

Transmilenio and its super feature

Ouchh TRAFFIC JAM ! Because people used their own vehicle and the Government only could widen the road without a modelling 
In fact, in Indonesia there were Transjakarta and it decrease a bit trafic but it seems vain because there's no cooporation and disciplined from its people. With transjakarta, it became one of solution to decrease traffic jam and to make all people didn't use their own vehicle. Widening the road is not a good solution, it could be a good solution for short term, in long term the volume of vehicle will be increase and the traffic will get worse ! I believe someday IF Indonesia's people understand and have awareness about transportation, they will reduce to use their private vehicles, and choose a convenient public transport which offset by the convenience and efficiency. How about you ? :)

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