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Iced green tea delight

August 23, 2012 Oktiara dwindah 2 Comments

Yeayhhhhhhhhh!!!! Looking for iced green tea delight. Iced green tea delight/freeze is one of my favorite baverage. The most Delicious bevarage ever. If you wanna try, it's better for you to go to Pizza hut or Jco. The green tea shake/freeze tasted so DELICIOUS! But  unfortunately, it was very crowded at pizza hut or jco, so we were forced to Excelso. Frankly, drinks in Excelso were not like on the menu. It looks nice, beautiful and so green, but in fact when our baverages were served my faces turn into like -____-. Hihihihi

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  1. udah pernah nyobain greentea latte di beranda2B..? hehehe.. bukannya promosi ato apa, cm share aj tuk yg sama2 suka greentea. jd patut aj dicoba kalo penasaran... :p

  2. Hi ka Yoko thank you very much for ur suggestions. Di bandara gitu maksutnya? beranda 2b itu dimana btw?hhhii