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It's not your bussiness

September 19, 2012 Oktiara dwindah 1 Comments

I don't understand why smallest problems grew into biggest problems. Take for example, i don't understand why some people really happy when we are failed&sad. And i don't understand why some people love to comments too much, whereas they have to "bercermin" whether she/he is okay? It happened to me. I have a friend, as i know she is kindhearted (in front of me) but it totally changed after i knew that she was mocked me behind my back. I was shocked knowing that she did that! She was mocked me, commented my tweet. Hey this is not your bussiness girl! I'v never mock you, i'm always keep maintaining ties with you, but i'm totally shock knowing she did it behind my back! I don't understand why Allah created someone who has bad traits. Jealous, envious, spiteful, happy to see someone else in troubled. I even don't understand what does my mistake?

Meanwhile, i have one friend she wore hijab and actually i know that she is garrulous, gossiped etc. And i though she was really happy knowing that "bad things happened" to me. She was laugh of loud at that time. It was really hurts knowing she did it. What does my mistake? It was really hurts inside. What i did at the first was "inhale and exhale" then my heart prays " YaAllah, please show me your authority and fairness to her someday. I know you fair enough and you will prove it, if i'm lucky enough, maybe you let me see what will you do with her?". For sure what happened to me now is really become my motivation to be a successful woman, then i will prove to those who ever huts me that i can more than you. So please guys, we only live once. Please make something better for your life. Do positive thing without hurts others. Why don't you just keep silent and commented it in your heart? And please eliminate that bad habits. It can be boomerang to your life. We never know our destiny. Only Allah knows it. We never know whats next? And i believed Allah fair enough to replay what she did to me. Mulut mu harimau mu, Watch out !

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