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September 16, 2012 Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

Hi September. . Hiyey anyway, my dad started ask me about my plan, my future. The scariest moment ever was when your parents asked you "What's your plan? Where you will apply for job?" Actually My dad (and most of my family) was from civil engineering too and  he worked at PUBM and he asked me to be as what he wanted, he expected me to work in PUBM too. I'v my own dreams and plans.  And i'v makes my parents sure that i can do it by my self. Even i'm close to 22 years old now, but i thought my parents still treated me like a child. I'v my own plans, even i know they are hope the best for my life. Personally, i think that every human has a mission in life. 

Ahhh. Let it flow. Let we see "campur tangan Tuhan" and his secrets. To be frank, i'v my own mission, i wanna pursue goals. I'm old enough to decided between my goals or ambitions. The journey to understand our life and to understand what Allah want can be very tough. But what we have to remember are never give up to reach our dream, even somepeople even our parents doubt. Believe that everything happened for a reason because Allah has no mistaken. Don't lost hope, don't lost faith, Allah with us as long as we work hard, do the best and pray all the time. Goodnight mate. Hope i can see you in person (Whomever you are) See you soon my future!

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