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Where should i go ?

September 26, 2012 Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

Will be graduated soon ! Graduation day is coming soon ! SIGH ! I supposed to be happy or sad ? Yes i'm happy because finally i could finish my undergraduate thesis, my research, i can continue my dream, i can make parents proud of me. But inside the biggest question is, "Where should i go?"  I am very confused, which chance I have to take? Hehehe. Dear God, i know that your plan is better then what i plan, i know what you wanted is better than i want. I know that you know the best for my life, but please God, please,,, Make it true. Make my dreams, my goals, my hopes come true, I'v been trying to do anything to make it true, studying hard, praying, anything. Now, i'm waiting for your answer, because i believed that you have no mistake at all.

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