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Officially ST !!!

November 07, 2012 Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

Alhamdulillahhirobbilalamin. Thank you very much to Allah swt, to my beloved daddy and also beloved lecture too Ir.Zailani.AR.MM, My first adviser Dr.Eng.Ir.Joni Arliansyah,MT and my second adviser Ir.Sarino,MSCE. And also thank you very much to Dr.Hanafiah, MS,  Ir.Rozirwan and Ir. Indra chusainin, MS as my examiners. Thank you very much to my beloved mom and sisters who always give me support and always pray for me. Thank you very much to Kak Andre who taught me about Spss. Thank you very much for all teachers in every SMP who have given me conveniences in answering questionnaires.Thank you very much to my beloved best friends who give me your biggest support and prayers. And finally the day is coming ! The first thing that i felt when it was my turn to presentation (and you know what? I'm the first!!!) aaahhh my heart skip a beat, i even can't  say anything. But finally thanks Allah everything when well, It was such as a pretty good persentation and alhamdulillah i got good results too. As time goes by i can pass it. Time flies and time makes you forget. But there are things that will linger in your mind, things that aren't easy to forget. And this is such as unforgettable moment to me. It's all because of Allah, and all people who's very kind out there. Thank everyone. And finally alhmdulillah, i'm officially ST! See you on top :)

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