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December 07, 2012 Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

Hi happiness, hi everyone and hi December. Life is a bowl of cheeries I feel so much better today about this whole thing. I feel alive, feel brand new. I met new people from every background, they makes me warm and happy. Laugh out load because of their joke. How about you ? Anyway can you believe that 2012 is so close? There's still time to put action to those new year's resolutions from way back on 1 january 2012! But alhmdulillah several resolutions that i made since 1 januari 2012 was happened! One of them is graduation yeayy! So 2013 is so close, i'v to make some resolutions and hard work to make it true. Such as get a job easily, get a new boyfriend, get everything what i wishes. By the way, on 6th december i got some bad news that my classmate passed away so quickly. It's like a dream. I wish that it's the only dream but it wasn't. I never thought that it will happened to my classmate. Dear you, i send you prayers and though through my pray. This is what can we imply that life is only once, do everything you wanna do, dream everything that you wish for, make it true, as long as you on the right way and make proud of your parents! While we are still given a chance to live, let's make some contributes to our life. Dear Allah, please bless us with happiness, health, and  your mercy. Happy Desember folks !  I wish that i could go to B***** soon ! Aminnnn

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