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December 31, 2012 Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

I went to departement store and bought a gift to my cousin. He is 7 years old. So i decided to bought a ball and also a t-shirt to him. About 3 hours looking for so many toys there. Suddenly i started smiling when i see golf, puzzle, robots, trains, plastic pools, dolls, barbie and so many cool stuffs. That was my toys when i was a kid. I couldn't stop smiling looking at that toys and it was like flashback to my childhood. How i really miss my childhood with all toys that i'v ever had. Well now we are looking forward to 2013. Holiday is coming, It really makes me remembered when i was in Timor Timur in every holiday ( catruwulan I,II,and III) we were always go to Bali, Surabaya, Jakarta, Kupang etc. Moreover Timur-timor has beautiful sea near our house. We always play with the sand, make it into a mountain, make a house or castle made by the sand. Playing with sea urchin together with my sister. Oh really, I MISS MY CHILDHOOD !!!


And now, i'm grew up into teenager who will always makes my parents proud of me, i will always give everything to my parents. This graduation was the gift to them even i know this is not enough. Even i'm now 22 years old, but they will always assumes that i'm their lovely kid forever and ever. I LOVE YOU MAMA DAN PAPA TERIMA KASIH UNTUK SEMUA :") !!!


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