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December 31, 2012 Oktiara dwindah 2 Comments

I even can't stop smiling and grateful with everything that Allah has given to me. Allah really prove that he is  there for me. It started from the first time i made my undergraduate thesis, Allah shows me his authority. Everything seems easier from the first time i choose my adviser,  i tried to survey from one junior high school to another junior high school in Palembang by my self, i went to Kalidoni (so far from the center of the city) Palembang with my friend only two of us, and we were survey and collected so many sample for my thesis, it started from 5 am till 1 pm (and at that time we were fasting) and when i went to some JHS, the headmaster    rejected me because my letter was not valid, i cried and i desperate, after that i called my mom to told her that the headmaster rejected my letter, after that i go back to my home but in the middle of my way, i found one junior high school and i tried to applied my letter and alhamdulillah its school accepted my letter and the teachers were so kind, they let me to do reset there. I went to ten Junior High schools in Palembang to collect some data about its students and i tried to survey to counting the vehicles. After that i have to be able to learn Program SPSS, to be honest it's very difficult at the first time, but after that i can pass it through studying and studying. Oh Allah, why you very kind? :"). Here's some  photos when i survey.


Paid off! All pain, sorrow, finally paid off with this this graduation day, with this title as "Sarjana Teknik". We have completed one book of life and beginning a new one. May our path and journey be easy. Allah bless us. HAPPY GRADUATION FRIENDS !!!

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