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January 21, 2013 Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

On 27th December i graduated from my campus, namely Univeristas Sriwijaya. It almost a month i graduated. After graduated the most difficult things or the next step of our journey is seeking for a job. Yeah, officially i'm is a job seeker who seeking for a job. About three days ago finally the biggest company in mining and construction called me to join written test and also psychological tests. About almost 5 hours we've finished that test. It's my first time joined written and psychological test. But unfortunately i failed, difficult indeed. In conclusion, seeking for a job is very difficult, moreover from reputable and biggest company in the world. But one thing that we have to believe that Allah has their own planning and his planning is not know by anyone. I couldn't stop seeking for a job everyday then i praying. Allah has their own process and planning. I know sometimes it's very difficult seeking for a job, but someday the right job will be given to the right people too. Never give up and happy being a job seeker until we can fulfill our dreams ! :) Happy Monday !!!

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