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Roses are still orange

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Personal Life


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Alhamdulillah YaAllah, i believe in your power, i believe you always with me, i believe you always bless every step of my life, i believe you always hear my prayers. Thank you Lord for every sweet and bitter life. Thank you Lord for always makes me happy. Thank you Lord for every good and bad days. Thank you Lord for every pleasure and blessings. Thank you Lord for everything. Thank you for teaching me how to use my words wisely. You didn't promise it's gonna be easy, but you promise you will always be there and you are here always. Thank for every sweet and good day that you have given to me, it started in every time i prayed, i wish for something and you make it true quickly! Thank Lord for your blessings you have given to my family and i. Let us always praise you. Alhamdulillah

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Hanging Out

Brava Pralour @975playfm - #Recommended Part IV

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Tried New cafe at Arista Hotal called Brava PralourBrava Parlour is the first Italian restaurant in Palembang, bringing wonderful flavor and ambiance to the South of Sumatra. The restaurant offers a refined modern interior where you can enjoy both light and normal meals. All of Brava Parlour’s pastas and dishes are house made and the handcrafted pizzas are cooked to utmost perfection. The best quality of fresh ingredients goes into the cuisine where a variety of unique authentic Italian and European cuisine will be prepared. The office facilities offered in the restaurant makes it eminently one of the best places for a soothing business meeting in town, as well as an ideal place for a casual gathering. Btw i went to Brava Pralour with all crew @975playfm ! I tried 3 appetizers like salad, soup with onions and cheese and ice cream. For the main course i tried baby chicken with salted sous and for dessert i tried chocolate mouse, ah perfect !  Thanks 97,5 Play fm ! :)

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Wanita Pembawa Keberuntungan

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Pernahkan kalian mendengarkan bahwa pria pria sukses adalah pria yang memiliki istri yang bisa mengsukseskannya? Hal ini benar adanya, disetiap kesuksesan pria/suami, pastilah ada istri yang selalu mendukung serta mendo'akannya. Pernahkah kamu mendengar bahwa terkadang, ada beberapa wanita yang bisa membawa keberuntungan (hoki)? Berdasarkan cerita dan pengalaman orang-orang, memang ada beberapa istri yang membawa keberuntungan untuk kesuksesan suaminya. Salah satunya adalah cerita ini. 
Cerita ini saya dengar dari teman saya tentang bagaimana istri Barack Obama yaitu Michelle Obama bisa membuat seorang biasa menjadi orang yang luar biasa, yaitu menjadi presiden negara adikuasa USA. Suatu ketika, Michelle dan Obama sedang makan disebuah restoran yang sangat terkenal yang memiliki koki terbaik dengan masakan yang luar biasa enak. Tak disangka ternyata koki itu adalah teman Michelle, pertemuan itu membuat sang koki dan Michelle bertemu dan melakukan reuni dadakan. Setelah selesai reuni singkat itu Michaelle dan Obama pun pulang, setelah itu Obama pun bertanya kepada Michelle siapakah koki tersebut, karena mereka terlihat sangat akrab. Lalu Michaelle pun menjawab bahwa itu adalah mantan kekasihnya, bukan main betapa kagetnya Obama mendengarkan itu, lalu Obama pun mengatakan bahwa andaikan Michelle menjadi suami sang koki, pasti Michelle akan sangat senang bisa memakan makanan kesukaannya setiap hari, lalu dengan bijaksananya Michelle pun menjawab seperti ini
" Apabila saya menikah dengan koki tentu saya bisa makan makanan kesukaan saya setiap hari, namun apabila saya memang menikah dengan dia, dialah yang akan menjadi Presiden Amerika, bukan kamu"

                                                                                                       Unknown author 

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Laser Ancol Timun Emas - #Recommended Part III

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If you have a chance to go to Ancol, don't forget to their new venue called laser timun emas. In this place you can see how technology applied in LED and also a fountain, There were drama called TIMUN EMAS (traditional story from Indonesia). The players were really awesome, they were dance and did drama very well. Everything was very awesome, the fountain, Led, fireworks, dances, and so on. So, what are you waiting for ? 8-)

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Magnum cafe - #Recommended part I

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Ahhh finally i can go to magnum cafe in Grand Indonesia Jakarta Pusat, these place were really cozy and comfortable. There are so many magnums with many variants. But i would prefer with this waffle mixed with two magnums and strawberry sauce plus chocolate cream above. The waffle was great and very tender. It's a bit enough to make you satisfied :)

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Personal Life,

Dear God

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I felt so blue lately, i felt like everything seems useless, i felt like ohhhhh i don't know, it's very hard to explain by words. I almost felt desperate, I almost felt  injustice, What is my mistake? I almost felt a failure and sadness. Sometimes I feel God did not hear what i want. No , that's truly wrong ! Trouble runs away when we pray. Everyday i just sits there with my knees on a floor, and believe that God hear deep inside my heart. Almighty God, i know that with you all things are possible. What should i do now is just wait, yeah wait until the right time. I'v never stop to always wishing for something. Trust in the lord with all your heart and do not lean on you own understanding. Thank you God for my bad and good days. Dear 2013, i'm ready with all of your secrets! Be happy and let's make our dreams come true. Yeahhhh ! We will shine !!!!

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at america

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Hi guys, Back from Jakarta for some business. I’v spent my quality time with my sister and my brother @dindadil and @jodiakbar.  Went to @america , the best and the biggest exhibition i have ever visited. We can learn so many things about USA. We learn about education, fashion, the inventor of nike, skinny jeans, about San Fransisco, and in this place they really support young teenaggers to be an entrepreneur , they taught us why become entrepreneur is better than others? And they gave us example and real explanation about it. And they taught us about environmental, why we must take care of our environmental, why we have to aware and safe our environmental. And in the corner of the building, there is a big screen which connected with satellite so we can see the surface of our earth,month and venus directly. That was amazing !!! It looks real! We can see volcanoes, sky, cloud, even the building in 3D. Awesome! Ah that was the best journey that i’v ever had guys,, cool !!! Take a look at my pictures here.

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