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February 12, 2013 Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

Hi guys, Back from Jakarta for some business. I’v spent my quality time with my sister and my brother @dindadil and @jodiakbar.  Went to @america , the best and the biggest exhibition i have ever visited. We can learn so many things about USA. We learn about education, fashion, the inventor of nike, skinny jeans, about San Fransisco, and in this place they really support young teenaggers to be an entrepreneur , they taught us why become entrepreneur is better than others? And they gave us example and real explanation about it. And they taught us about environmental, why we must take care of our environmental, why we have to aware and safe our environmental. And in the corner of the building, there is a big screen which connected with satellite so we can see the surface of our earth,month and venus directly. That was amazing !!! It looks real! We can see volcanoes, sky, cloud, even the building in 3D. Awesome! Ah that was the best journey that i’v ever had guys,, cool !!! Take a look at my pictures here.

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