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Brava Pralour @975playfm - #Recommended Part IV

February 25, 2013 Oktiara dwindah 2 Comments

Tried New cafe at Arista Hotal called Brava PralourBrava Parlour is the first Italian restaurant in Palembang, bringing wonderful flavor and ambiance to the South of Sumatra. The restaurant offers a refined modern interior where you can enjoy both light and normal meals. All of Brava Parlour’s pastas and dishes are house made and the handcrafted pizzas are cooked to utmost perfection. The best quality of fresh ingredients goes into the cuisine where a variety of unique authentic Italian and European cuisine will be prepared. The office facilities offered in the restaurant makes it eminently one of the best places for a soothing business meeting in town, as well as an ideal place for a casual gathering. Btw i went to Brava Pralour with all crew @975playfm ! I tried 3 appetizers like salad, soup with onions and cheese and ice cream. For the main course i tried baby chicken with salted sous and for dessert i tried chocolate mouse, ah perfect !  Thanks 97,5 Play fm ! :)

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  1. kenapa dustin mukanya mesem2 malu gt? whahahaha...

  2. hahahahaha iya yah kak, aku juga baru sadar ya, hahahahaha