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Dear God

February 13, 2013 Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

I felt so blue lately, i felt like everything seems useless, i felt like ohhhhh i don't know, it's very hard to explain by words. I almost felt desperate, I almost felt  injustice, What is my mistake? I almost felt a failure and sadness. Sometimes I feel God did not hear what i want. No , that's truly wrong ! Trouble runs away when we pray. Everyday i just sits there with my knees on a floor, and believe that God hear deep inside my heart. Almighty God, i know that with you all things are possible. What should i do now is just wait, yeah wait until the right time. I'v never stop to always wishing for something. Trust in the lord with all your heart and do not lean on you own understanding. Thank you God for my bad and good days. Dear 2013, i'm ready with all of your secrets! Be happy and let's make our dreams come true. Yeahhhh ! We will shine !!!!

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