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April 04, 2013 Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

I'm so happy knowing that now i'v new activities! Yapp working, working and working !!! I'v spent my time in front of computer, do something with Autocad, RAB, Excel, Numbers, Tables, Charts, Mathematics, and many more. It's very hard sometimes, but this is what i called adventure :D yah real adventure :D, working as a team, overtime and many more. But it feels good for me. I can find new people which have a good ability in Civil engineering, how they managed and designed budget plans, how they designed some buildings with Autocad and many more. They are smart! I feels surprise how can Allah created these genius program just like and autocad and also genius person who can operate it. I can know how difficult to get money, it makes me more discipline,  it makes me really want to keep the trust of our supervisor etc. And the best lesson that i can understand is find a job is very difficult, never get bored to say Alhamdulillah in every second our breath, because from this little things will be grown someday into the biggest one. Alhamdulillah ya Rob. 

" Tuhan sudah memberi rumus bahagia yang paling sederhana. Kita manusia justru sering lupa memakai rumus itu dan malah sibuk mencipta yang lain. Rumus itu, kawan, adalah bersyukur " NN

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