Hi April

April 04, 2013 Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

Just got back from office. What i tired day ! But it was sooooo FUN !!! Just parked my car in the garage, opened up the door, went to my parent's room to shared my experiences about my job responsiblities (i always do it regularly) but i found my beloved parents still sleeping, and i saw they smiled, oh so lovely :). Then i went to my room, and i looked at my old and young sister's room, they were really busy with their own gadgets. Then i took a shower, took a pray,wishing something that i believe that it will come true and now i'm trying to write something to make my APRIL warmer and more colorful than others month!

Lately, my heart feels skip a beat. For almost so many times many strange numbers called me. Ah!!! One of them was from some company, and did you know who's called me 5 hours ago ? YAP! Someone from UK!! Ahh i'v never thought that i got feedback from their email about something :p. Ah Allah, can't wait your next surprises just like today. Your are very kind! That's true and i believe you will make all of my dreams come true, In january 2014 Ameennn !

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