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May 14, 2013 Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

Ahhh Hello MAY DAY ! Wooootttt finally, after i'v resigned from my previous company, now i'm a part of project control's staff who manage the weight factor and also make some documents transmittal of PT. Pusri's project. Different from my previous company, in this company i got busy all the time. It starts from 7.30 AM till 6.00 PM. Oh poor me! Even sometimes people spends their time with their friends or family, but i'm here in front of computer with so many documents. I feel very surprised and Thankful in the same time. I'v found so many people who really knowledgeable, capable and professional in their field. Even sometime i got tired but inside my heart i feel luckily with everything that Allah has given to me. Friends, partners, bosses, knowledge and opportunity.

Now, it almost the 3rd weeks i'm here. I so relish with everything, with smile too! But what i hate the most is that i couldn't know whether today is raining or not, because this room is very hermetic. And i don't know whether the sky looks so cloud, dark and so on.. But ahhhhhh i'm so happy with everything that Allah has given to me. Opportunity to work here, met new friends from all around majors, met everyone who really professional in their field. Thanks Allah, how luck i am! Can't wait the next surprises from you :"D

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May 06, 2013 Oktiara dwindah 1 Comments

Aku tak pernah mau menyerah. Aku tak mau berhenti setelah berjuang keras. Aku sudah sangat dekat dengan doaku. Aku selalu punya keyakinan bahwa harta karun itu akan ketemu. Aku yakin bahwa kesuksesan menemukannya sudah didepan mata. Aku tinggal mengenggamnya saja. Aku tinggal memelukan erat-erat. Kesuksesan sudah dekat, aku tak mau berhenti. Aku tak mau harta itu hilang dari pandanganku.

You can if you try. You can if you keep trying. You can if you never stop trying.
Impossible is for those who never try and impossible is only for those who also give up. I f you give up, you will not be succeed. If you stop, you will never arrive at your destination.  blindtaufiqeffend

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Personal Life

It's Not Good Bye

May 04, 2013 Oktiara dwindah 2 Comments

It's been a month i working in this company. About two days ago, i got a good news from another company which accepted me in their company. As i know the second company is  bigger than my previous company and everyone really hopes to get job their. And destiny brought me here. So i decided to choose the second one. Saya merasa beruntung dikelilingi orang orang yang berhati baik dikantor sebelumnya. Mereka ramah, suka berbagi ilmu, suka bercanda, dan yang paling saya kangenin itu lawakan penghui kantor yang lucu-lucu. My best friend in my previous company is Mbak Vivi. As i know she is the most garrulous ever. Hahahaha she is the most kindhearted partner ever, even when she got 50k Rupiah, she always shares it with me, it is a simple example how really kindhearted she is. Oh Thanks God for everything. And the real journey will be begun soon. See you :D

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