Welcome Ramadhan ! :)

July 16, 2013 Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

Time flies so fast, i just can't believe that today is ramadhan. Btw i would like to say "i apologize for every mistake that i have ever made either intentionally or unintentionally". If i have ever said something hurts into your heart. Deeply from my heart please i really apologize for every mistake.
Well, there are so many differences between ramadhan this year with the previous one. Can you believe that i still go back from the office at 6 PM. So i decided to go back home early about 5.30 Pm (sometimes). From Monday till Saturday we still go back till 6 PM. I just sometime decided to fast breaking at my office. Honestly this is my first time fast breaking without family. But here, i found a new family, they are all employer of PT. Pusri. We fast breaking together and our togetherness will be grown up.
Well, whatever the situation is, i fell so grateful with everything that Allah has given to me. Thank you Allah for letting me, friend, and family meets again with this blessing day Ramadhan. Happy fast breaking people :)

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