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From the bottom of my heart, especially for those whom i have ever made a mistake. Kindly, i apologize for every mistake. Hope this ramadhan brings our life
 brighter than before! 
Happy EID AL FITR - Oktiara Dwindah and fams

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Hanging Out,

Fast Breaking

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Happy Fast Breaking, People !

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Personal Life

Destiny Brought Us Here

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I will always believe that this word "accidental" is nothing. Because everything happens for a reason and God had planned it before we were born to this world. Every "dreams and efforts to make it true" will be appeared from our heart. And i believe God moves our hearts and he whisper it to our ears then we motivated enough to do it. Taken for example those poor and lazy people whose their attitude just like "surrender". They were surrender with everything. But they didn't have an effort to change their destiny. So God will do the same thing to them. 

Different with those who have a dream and an effort to make it true. Those who has an ambition to fulfill their goals. Taken for example, those who wants to work in oil company, and they try their best to study to pass the test, and after that, God hears their prayers. Finally they are pass and work in that company. In this case that the interest of working in that company and their effort to pass that test, was because of God whisper it to their heart to interest in that company, and God moves their hearts to study hard, to study seriously, then they can pass the test!. You can imagine, can't you ?
Or taken for example my friend. He really wants to be a master in English language. He study hard and so on. And i believe that the power of the interest to be a master in English, was because of God who whisper it to his heart, so that, he really wants to be like their dreams before.

In conclusion, every effort and dream appears because God whisper it to our ears, then to our eyes, then to our heart, and our effort is the movers. You are being like now is that because God had planned it long time ago and our action happened because of his desire. Thanks Allah for every happiness, fortune, and livelihood to my life. I know these "Dreams" appeared because you really wants me to be like my dreams and you whisper it to my ears, my eyes, my hearts then an action is the movers. And i'm on my way to make it true, please bless me.
Happy fast breaking , lovely ones! :)

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Personal Life

English as International Language

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I believe that what i have ever wrote on my blog have a mistaken. It could be Grammatical error on structure, tenses, object of preposition, reduce clause, verb inverted, un/countable noun and so on. Frankly, why i like to write anything with english it just because i wanna practice in English. I have been studying english for almost all entire of my life. Took course everyday, took oral test, and also took course in the evening, even i had had taken courses on monday. I don't wanna it lost. We need to practice it, it could be read an article, listen to the movie in english version. Because  i'm a blogger and i love to write, so that's why i wanna practice my ability in English and also to measure my ability in avoided grammatical error accurately. Hence, for those who is smarter and better know in english kindly you do understand if i have ever wrote something with grammatical error hehehe.

Each person really wants to getting smart in ever subject. But honestly when i was in 1st Senior high school, i couldn't speak, even did exercise in english. I was afraid if the teacher chose me to stand in front of the class and answered every question correctly.  I always hang one's hand if the teacher started to chose on of us to stand in front of class. Hahaha. Then, i felt very complicated and afraid being stupid in english, so that's why i took elementary level first at Lbpp Lia. Eventually, time flies so fast. I have been studied there for almost 6 years. And i'v had finished all levels in Lia, even the teacher really knows me, hehe. The Popular girl  (At that time) hahaha. Then, finally now i can speak, write and listen to English language without needs to worry. I feel so confident even sometime it might be some grammatical error. But it doesn't matter, as long as  i still studying till now. Then now, i don't know why english likes my favorite subject now. I fell so curious to learn more. But now, i still studying.

I do understand that  my parents have spent a lot of money to our education, moreover to take courses English, which the fees were very expensive. So that's why i don't wanna lose anything. I tried to practice and practice more, i never let my self  read indonesia's article, i tried to read english article first and after that i tried to read in indonesia's version. Moreover in my office, all documents are in english version, and we communicated each other by english language as  intermediate language with the Contractor. Haaaaa,,, Finally, i still remember. That girl who at that time was being afraid in English, afraid to see the english's teacher, now grew up into the girl who is really confident to speak and write (in English) even it might be some grammatical error, but thank's God i feel so lucky with my self. So the most important key to smart in speak, write and listen in english is that "CONFIDENT".

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