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This is a faith, all by my self!

September 08, 2013 Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

Lately i have wasted my time to prepare for some documents as the requirement for something (so long and complicated). And honestly, This is my first time to prepare all documents by my self, without friends and parents. Whereas other people were accompanied by their parents or friends, while i prepared all documents by my self, including lunch. What i was thinking at that time is that i need to finished it as soon as possible, because i didn't have so much time to go out and got permission from my boss.
It was not easy to prepare all documents, we need so many requirements, and i felt sad with Indonesia's bureaucratic systems. Too slow and poor management. They just thinking about money. "If you want these documents finish as soon as possible, you have to pay 50k, if it is not, you have to wait patiently".
Hey! This is not about money, but if we give money to this people, indirectly he or she can be grown into a person who has bad habit just like a corruption! And i found them ! In that office. All people at that office yelled and disappointed.

I learned that being independent was so fun! It was just like a challenge, even at the first time i felt quite sad to do this all by my self. But after all documents finished, i felt very satisfied! I know that Allah wants me to do this by my self, so i can be an independent woman.
Thank God for make everything so easier to me, this is only the beginning, hope everything is gonna be alright till i can reach my dreams. Soon :) #IBelieve

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