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Aiesec and Taipe

October 05, 2013 Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

Aiesec is the biggest organization which present in over 113 countries and 86000 members all around the globe. The global youth network. Luckily, i am one of the candidate from Unversity of Sriwijaya who could be able to exchange in any county around the world. At that time, there were so many tests we have to fulfill. We have to make motivation letter, which in its letter we have to describe why we really want go exchange through Aiesec. At that time, i wrote that we can learn something new from another side, another culture, another habit, another experience from another county around the world. I chose Hongkong as one of the most wanted country. I'v prepare anything, including interviewed through skype to interviewer in Padang from University of Andalas. But unfortunately, the schedule at that time was not matched with my schedule, whereas at that time i still prepared my self with proposal and thesis, i felt so disappointed because i couldn't join that exchange. 

As time goes by, one of my friend from UI, she is @savitrivira , She is one of the candidate from UI to exchange through Aiesec. She went to Taipe. She shares so many stories about their experiences etc. Then, she bought me a cute postcard from Taipe. I will surely consider to trip down else where through Aiesec :)

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