October 05, 2013 Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

Time flies so fast, never realized that today is OCTOBER. Thank God for every good and bad days.  I couldn't count how many blessing days that you have given to me till now. I'm going to 23th years this year.
To be frank, October starts with super heavy activities at office. Can you imagine that dozen of documents were issued by contractor. And Project control has only two staffs to arrange it. Ah! At the first time i felt so tired and sad, but after all, i though that i'm lucky enough to be one of the project control's staff. I can gain so many knowledge as much as possible. October this year really opens my eyes about something which is smaller become bigger (viewpoint) And October in previous year was as great as October in this year, almost all of my dreams and prayers come true. I believe that October starts with super heavy activities but it will be ended with a happy ending :)

Hi October, Thank you for teach how to be a strong woman. !

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