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You! A Smart Man!

October 15, 2013 Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

Maybe other girls outside there really like a man who has an awesome face, has a tall body, has a muscular body or even has a beard!. But honestly, it is really different with me. I don't know why i really adore a man who is smarter than i am. I though that a man who has a good ability in English (listening, speaking, writing or reading) is awesome !. Since i was in elementary school, i'v tried my best to study English through course and frankly, it's very difficult to study English. And i really appreciated a person who has an eager and an effort to study and practice in English. And i though, a man who can speak English is cool! I wish that i have a "husband" who is smarter than i am. He is master in English, so he can correct every article in this blog (for sure i still made so many mistakes or grammatical error :p). From my point of view, A man who is smart in English is a man who is diligent and work hard. We need so much time to study English or even to understand every detail of tenses. In conclusion, a man who spend his time to study English is a man who shall be our leader in every aspect of our life. Wish i could meet you :)

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