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Happy Weeding My Beloved Sister

November 26, 2013 Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

My tears fallen down when i saw my sister marriage with her husban. Time flies so fast. I still remember when we were in Timor-Timur about 18 years ago. Playing in the beach together, making a mountain using sand, back from school and my mom didn't pick our up without notice so we're waiting about more than an hour. We tried to call our home by using public telephone (with coins), I cried and my sister tried to calm me down. I still remember how happy we were, when daddy invited us to go to the beach every evening, when daddy invited us to go to the best mall in Timor Timur "DUTA", i still remember when we played swing together in the evening, i still remember when we waiting for our "guru ngaji" and never seriously reading Al-Quran, what we knew was only playing and laughing, i still remember how sad i was, knowing that my sister graduated first in Elementary School ( at that time i was in the 3rd grade and she just graduated from the 6th grade) it means that i must go to school by my self, i still remember we together walked to school, i still remember i mocked her because she just fallen love with a boy, i still remember every Eid Al-Fitri we always bought the same dresses, the same brand, Nevada. Yes always Nevada, i still remember the first time i slept apart her is when i was in the 5th grade, i still remember when the light is off i always sleeping with her, i'm afraid sleeping alone while the light is off, and because she shares her bad, i fell out of bed, i cried and she laugh,  i still remember every holiday (caturwulan I, II, and III) daddy always invited us to go to Bali (Bali closes to Timor-Timur) and at that time our luggage locked and my mom forgot the password,. And  i still remember me, my sister and my mom almost missed the plane so we run quickly. Hahahaha!!! Seriously, my tears really fallen down :(. And now, she is growing up. She gonna spend a half of her life with her husband. I couldn't say anything. I lose for the word. Hope every dream and every pray that you wish will come true soon. I really love you kak. Really.... You are the best thing that i ever had. Sure ...

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