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February 01, 2014 Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

Hi everyone, it has been a month i didn't post anything on my blog. Honestly, i quite lazy to write but i tried to force my self to write write and write, especially writing in English.
Well, i spent January and this first February by writing an Essay everyday. There are so many charts and diagrams which i shall to write and give the information base on its charts. At the first time, i really enjoyed writing and till now i still enjoying it. Maybe for the next months, i will write anything base on what i'v been learned in my course. This is the best media to share and to practice, and for sure, i need the correction from you if i make a mistake. Now, i'll make an essay again about the adult internet shoppers and users by age group. After my lecture checking the essay, i'll share it to you through this blog. See you guys! 

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