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This is his clue

March 24, 2014 Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

Have you ever imagined, something which come up from our mouth is a prayers. Besides, have you ever being hurted by someone who you love the most?. It feels like these fellings really kill us. That's happened to me again. I believe that, everything happens for a reason. And i believe that these reasons will be arised soon. No more words could i say, no one understand and it seems difficult even to tell and to share. Should i survive?. This secrets were difficult to predict by everyone, and for me, mate is such a secret too. Mate is about let him leaving us, then trying to aboveboard with his authority. Dear God, thank you for taught me being so strong so far, it seems easy for you even to thumbed my hearts, to create a beautiful sky, and even to make me smile.  I am getting closer with you. Can not wait your next surprises. Best wishes . . .

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