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May 21, 2014 Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

I never thought that how fast Allah in answering my Prayers and magically i never thought that now, my best friend, becoming my boyfriend now. His name is Lana. We have known each other almost five years and till now we still becoming best friend. Laughing, watching movie, singing a song, hanging out together, and honestly in that moment, i never thought that he will be my boyfriend now, at that time, what i was thinking is only “yeah, we are best friend and it would remain that way”.  As time goes by, because we are best friend, we would like to tell a joke and also to tell our love story each other. In additional, we have the same interests and the same love stories which ended with broken heart. And honestly, our togetherness was grown up since that. Magically, i don’t know what are the secrets of my life, and i never know what will happend. Suddenly, at night, my heart felt skip a beat, i don’t know what it was. There were something different in the way he looked at me and i just felt in love with him too, i felt so comfortable being closed with him. Besides, i would say thanks God for every bitter and sweet of my life. I was tought by every lesson which is presented by him. It make me stonger to face everything. Now, what i can do is looking  for our old pictures, we just smiled and said cheers without knew that we will be together in the future. Finally, i just can say thank God and i really appreciate those who love me and for me, faithfull is the most importantly.  Happiness occurs after a little wait. Thank Allah, Thank Lana.

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