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In another time with another way

June 23, 2014 Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

Can you believe that all efforts and prayers have been done since the first time i have the eagerness to study abroad. Since i graduated, i prepared my self for IELTS preparation class, Toefl, and also Private class. I have sent all related documents to United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, and many more. Waiting for the annoucement was the stressful time ever in my life. I never stop looking at my email and wishing that the university admission will send me the result soon. One by one, the university just rejected my application. Furthermore, Ecoles France just accepted me as their student, they sent the letter directly to my house and my parents did not give me support (again). Besides this, the tuition fees are quite expensive. Since that, i felt very disappointed, moreover my parents really not support me to study abroad. Should i stop these dreams? But i have been walking too far to stop. Yes! I have been walking too far to stop. Should i stop ? Should i ?

I personally believe that all people especially my family and my mate want me to just get closer with them. But, i have been walking too far to stop? I just dissapointed and really sad. It trully really make me sad.  Dear God, i know your plans much better than mine. If you do not mine, Would you like to replace it in another time with another way? It seems to me that you are fair enough, i know that you have been looking at my effort and my prayers and i personally believe that these efforts and these prayers will never be pointless. You want to change it In another time with another way, Don’t you? I am give in.

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