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My whole life has changed gradually

June 23, 2014 Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

Something changed dramatically, extremely, gradually and so on in my life. Yes! I am Weak. I am not supposed to be like an old Tiara. Tiara who have so many ambitions and who struggling to reach what she really wants. Tiara who hard work to be a master in English, Tiara who never stop to fight, to get what she really wants! Tiara who always imagines about another world, Tiara who has an ambition to be a rich girl with her own effort, to be an independent woman. But it has changed dramatically since i met Lana. A man whom i consider to be my mate, the one whom i can not live to far away from, the one whom always makes me comfortable, the one whom always shares happiness, and the one whom i consider to be my future husband. Yes trully. :”)

He opened up and changed the perspective of my life gradually, he tried to give me the real meaning of life. My whole life has changed. i knew that for being a “Family”, it shall be together and not be separated for a long time. He tries to give me a difination of “Wife”, who supports and is half of her husband, is there when he needs her, and backs off when needed, takes care of, and just loves her husband for better and worse, sickness and health, richer or poorer.. What is the primary responsibility as a wife? Not for seeking a livelihood relatively. My whole life has changed gradually.

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