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Happy 1 Anniversary To Us

May 25, 2015 Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

Hi everyone, how are you ? I don't know why i feel so happy and enthusiast at the same time, because tomorrow insha allah i will have such a lovely family Trip. Are you curious where i will go? Hehehe, i will upload it soon. 


Yesterday, My friend sent me a BBM and asked me like this .. “I really love the way you enjoy your relationship, i love to see every happiness that you shared on Path and Instagram, i got envy and you always succeed make me envy, would you like to share me a secret?”

Than i said “ I don’t have any secret. The most important thing is that, never stop praying and always doing communication. Honestly, since i’ve made this relationship with him, i always make a call, care, and we love each other. Yes maybe “Loving each other” is the secret, isn’t it?. I always praying to him and he always praying to me, we praying each other and loving each other. I guest that’s all the secret.

Time flies so fast, can not believe it is been a year since the day we had our 1st conversation. Never thought that my best friend would be so important to me as you are now. I am truly grateful for you and will always be. Thanks Allah for you gave me the most wonderful person.  My unexpected blessing. Happy 1 Anniversery Muhammad Maulana. Love you as always

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