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O Allah, how can i not love you?

August 20, 2015 Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

What do you think when you hear "Best love ever"?.
I personally believe that some people might say "Best love is always together forever, or Best love is when you always there when your Bf'/Gr need you". Yap, everyone freely to share their opinion. But for sure, from my point of view, best love is the one who make your imaan rise, help us in the dunya and for that reason because she/he wants to meet you again in Jannah!. That's the Best Love ever!

Alhamdulillah, i still remember, i have been prayed all the time, asked Allah to send me a man who surround me with those who remind me of you, who elevate my iman, and will hold my hand all the way to Jannah. Magically, he answered it perfectly just like i wished for. I still remember the days i prayed for the things i have now. Oh Allah, how can i not love you?. Lana always makes a call every 04.30 WIB, asking me to praying subuh, making du'a each other, he is praying to me, and i praying to him and his family, reading The Qur'an. He recites better than i do. Nothing more serene than listening to him reciting the Qur'an, he recites better that i do.  He always remember me to have sadaqah and always remind me to shalat, either shalat duha or another shalat, be there each other  and utilize time to recharge my imaan. Dear Lana, thank you for leading me closer to Allah Swt. Blessed to have you in my life.

Baby, baby, are you listening
Wondering where you've been all my life
I just started living
Oh baby, are you listening

When you say you love me,
Know I love you more
And when you say you need me,
Know I need you more
Boy I adore you
I adore you

Baby can you hear me
When I'm crying out for you
I'm scared oh so scared
But when you're near me
I feel like I'm standing with an army
I am armed with weapons

I love lying next to you
I could do this for eternity, you and me
We're meant to be in holy matrimony
God knew exactly what he was doing
When he led me to you
(Adore you, Miley Cyrus)

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