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8 Years Afternoon Tea

April 27, 2016 Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

It almost 7 Years Afternoon Tea have been accompanying me (honestly it must be 8 Years but my old blogspot domain was hacked by a stranger), for the day when i felt sad, happy, anxious, bittersweet my life would be written by me through this blog.

If i could flashback to my oldest entries on 2009, Most of my entries were about collage, friends, study and presentation. I looked at all photos that intentionally i uploaded to make those memories recorded not only on my heart but also in media social. Time flies so fast, there are so many positive evolution on me. From the way i wore clothes, my point of view, and also views of life.

And on 2016,  finally i found what the purpose of writing through this blog is to share everything that would be useful to others, especially about travelling. 

At the first time i placed this blog for my bittersweet diaries, it was like a very teenager who has a diaries but she put on different medias, yes it through website.

Now my point of view have changed, the purpose of this blog is to travel. To put all tips and tricks the place where i have already go. And i optimistic that through this blog i would put my abroad trips (Soon, insyallah) and i wish it could help others to plan their journey.

I am so sorry if there are some entries that bother or offend your mind. Thank you for following my blog, and thank you for a stranger who continuously reading my entries. See you on my next post ! :D

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