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April 15, 2016 Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

It is about around 3 weeks more, my status would be changed  from Single into Marriage, only waiting for that 3 weeks.  It is like there are some butterflies fly on my stomach, is not it ?

How does it feel ? Ohhh!! I don't know. I even can not describe everything. Those feelings mean sad, happy, curious, anxious mix into one.

We just need 5 months to prepare everything since his mom told me " Where do you wanna bring this relationship? ". I have been stalking and searching for so many vendors since that time till now. It was very difficult at the first time since there were so many choices that i should choose. This one is good but the price bit high, while that one is good but they didn't serve any kinds of thing that i requested. Well, I put all vendors whom i considered to be the top recommend vendors on my blog (See below entries).

My friends told me that i am lucky enough to have Lana as my husband. He is very kind, politely to his parents, he is so religious, he treats me like i am the only queen, very romantic and really understand me. Moreover, i don't know Lately Lana so pampered right now to me but that's too cute hihihi :D

I couldn't count how many prayers that Allah have already given to me. It seems to me that everything that i wanted is answered. He gives anything, as per request.

I still remember, when my heart being hurt by someone, then i cried, i prayed,
"Dear Allah, please send me the person whom will always love me as he loves you, i don't know who and where he is, but Allah please point him to my direction. I have felt desperate, please bring true love to me, in the right time with the right person"

Then after that, 5 days later, I put status on my BBM i  wrote that i felt very desperate and sad because being hurt by someone. Then Lana noticed it. He sent BBM, and told me "What's wrong with you?". Then i told everything to him. After that, he asked me to watch Circus !!!...

Ahhaaaaa. I feeellll soo happpyyyy. Since than, i believed that he is the answered of my prayers. I Took my troubles to the lord, then i cried out to him. He has answered my prayers in his own beautiful way..

" Hatiku tenang karena mengetahui bahwa apa yang melewatkanku tidak akan pernah menjadi takdirku, dan apa yang ditakdirkan untukku, tidak akan pernah melewatkanku " 
- Umar Bin Khattab

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