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Hallo, happy new year 2017!!! This is my very first entry in 2017. And as usual, i'm going to post something which very useful to others.

Yesterday i just wrote about my experiences using Tram Ding Ding as Public Transportation in Hongkong in my new account Tripadvisor. You can read all review that i have just publish here 

Based on my truly opinion, once you go to Hongkong, you must try using Tram Ding ding instead of MTR, Taxi or Ferry. Okay, i'm going to explain step by step using Tram Ding ding.

  1. Firstly, you have to read the below map. Tram Ding ding  divided into two routes. First is Eastbound (Kennedy Town Terminus to Shau Kei wan Terminus) and Second is Westbound (Shau Kei wan Terminus to Kennedy Town Terminus) . The price is Flat price either near or far only HKD 2,4-  Octopus is acceptable. (The entrance / in is behind Tram Ding ding  and out from in front of Tram Ding ding ).
  2. Now my route is from O'Brien Road 43E to Tonnochy Road 47E (Eastbound) only 2 Terminals. And if you want to go back to O'Brien, simply just look at Westbound Map, go back from Tonnochy Road 52W to O'Brien Road 56W. It is really simple, isn't it?

 The above photo is 43E O'brien Road. West and East is  separated not too far, just really in front of East Halte)

What should i say about this Tram Ding ding? You must try The  Oldest Transportation in HK, even there is no Air Conditioner, but the fresh air just come from the opening window in Tram Ding ding. Tram Ding ding is just like double decker  bus. We had tried the second floors, but be careful since the staircases is very narrow. There are so many Local people with their Cantones Language which i really don't understand hahaha. Many TKI (Indonesia's worker) looked at me and my husband, they looked like want to go to the local market. But sometimes the Tram Ding ding is very crowded, better for you just wait to the other Trams which the interval is only 2-3 minutes. If you want to feel like Local, you should try Tram Ding ding.!

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